Exam Accompaniments is run by a small team specialising in offering high quality backing tracks for ABRSM and Trinity grade exams, and also standard non-exam repertoire for students to practice with. All the Piano accompaniments on this site are recorded by Alastair Cameron, a professional and experienced music teacher and accompanist, and are not computer-generated midi files.

For each track you download, you actually get recordings at no less than three different tempos (sometimes four), allowing you to build up the tempo you are performing at. For pieces which have repeats, one version is provided at each tempo with the repeats, and one without, depending on how you wish to perform it.

Included in your download is also a version with a midi generated Solo Part ( the part you play ) so you can hear how it should all sound together. The Solo part sound through just one speaker ( or earphone ) and the Piano part sounds in just the other. This is so you can fade the solo part in or out using the pan function on your playback device, to assist with practising.

Each of the tracks available to buy is instantly downloadable and ready to use, and we are adding pieces to the site every week. However, as you can imagine, the truly vast amount of music in the repertoire means there will always be new pieces to add, so if you can’t find what you need, please contact us and we will usually be able to record it for you within the week or less.

In the blog section, you will find articles or links that are of use to both music students and music teachers alike. Any part of this blog may be reproduced for teaching purposes on a not-for-profit basis. If you wish to use any of these resources in any other way, then please contact us.